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Sun Frost Cooker – Sterilizer

by Larry Schlussler PhD on September 2nd, 2010

A Major Leap Forward in the Art of Solar Cooking

Sun Frost Solar Cooker – Sterilizer

Sun Frost recently built several solar ovens based on the evacuated (Thermos) tube technology commonly used in solar hot water systems. These ovens can achieve temperatures over 600 deg F. Temperature can be easily controlled by covering the collector or turning it away from the sun. The outside of these ovens is close to ambient temperatures even with interior reaching 600 deg F.

As a result of the small losses from the walls of the oven high temperatures can be achieved even in partial sunlight partial sunlight. We have built two ovens using this technology. One incorporates a 42” long 5” diameter tube and the second consists of an 18” long 2 ¼” diameter tube.

Sun Frost Tubular Cooker

In the larger oven we’ve cooked a variety of foods from lasagna to cookies. Cooking time are similar to those in a conventional oven.

Syringes are inserted directly into the Sun Frost Sterilizer.

The vacuum tube collector is being removed from its stand.

Sun Frost's Tubular sterilizer sitting in the sun.

Melted syringes form a matrix encasing needles and black plungers.

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  1. Robert permalink


    Interested in your solar cooker design.

    I only need to get to 200 F , and need 48″ length.

    It’s a 1 time backyard project. Can you recommend what I might need and how I could put this together?

    Thanks very much


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