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Sun Frost RFVB-134 chosen for WHO-PATH collaborative study of Long Life Batteries

The purpose of the project was to test the potential of Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium Ion batteries for cold chain refrigeration, Vietnam being the test location. The Sun Frost RFVB-134a was chosen by the WHO-PATH team because of its many years of proven reliability. The refrigerator performance was monitored for several months when ambient temperatures ranged from 8 deg C to 32 deg C. The Sun Frost worked flawlessly. Test results are shown below. The test is ongoing to determine the long term performance of the batteries.

WHO graph study of long life batteries

Sun Frost Vaccine referigerator Vietnam

Two panel array to run the Sun Frost RFVB-134a


Sun Frost RFVB-134a Lithium Ion Batteries and Charge Controller



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